Poryv is an NGO whose mission is to assist in building an open society in the Czech Republic.

In our understanding the open society is ruled by the law, respects human rights of all its citizens and the citizens take an active role in its governance.

Poryv members try to support and develop other NGOs, organize educational seminars, information campaigns and public debates. They teach at all types of schools, lead projects, publish vocational materials, perform analytical and evaluative works. They also work as advisors and consultants. They co-operate, long-term, with other NGOs, business companies and the institutions that represent public administration.


Poryv as an NGO was registered by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech republic in December 2001.

Current activities of Poryv are a continuation of the work started by the Education Support Program Poryv, established by the Open Society Fund Prague (www.osf.cz) in 1997.

Annual reports from previous years are available here (all the reports are written in Czech):

Výroční zpráva 1997 (ke stažení a pozdějšímu čtení)
Výroční zpráva 1998 (ke stažení a pozdějšímu čtení)
Výroční zpráva 1999 (ke stažení a pozdějšímu čtení)
Výroční zpráva 2000 (ke stažení a pozdějšímu čtení)
Výroční zpráva 2001 (ke stažení a pozdějšímu čtení)


Our current activities can be divided into three main categories. The first category contains work related to leading of different projects, in the second category there are educational activities and the third one focuses on organizational development.

Thematically we specialize in:

  • Organizational development and capacity building
  • Development of human resources
  • Educational policy
  • Educational Content and Methodology
  • Intercultural education
  • Community development and community education
  • Evaluation and self-evaluation
  • The Varianty project - leading of the primary education expert group and co-ordination of the project. In 2000 and 2001 Poryv cooperated with the People in Need Foundation on this project. The project was financed by PHARE program.
  • The Varianty - interculatural education (www.varianty.cz) - coordination of the Pedagogical centers module. The project started in October 2002 and will be finished in May 2005. Poryv is one of the members of the development partnership that had been created to run the project. The project was chosen and is supported by Equal Initiative.
  • SODA - Strategic organizational development approach - advisory and consultancy of the implementation of the project. The project is run by the Caritas Europa.
  • Community Centers Program in South East Europe - membership in the Advisory board of the project, that is coordinated by Open Society Institute in Budapest.
  • Different NGOs - consultancy and facilitation of a project development process
  • Two four-module educational cycles for managers of social organizations (2001 - 2002)
  • The six-module educational cycle for Roma advisors (1999 - 2002)
  • The four-module educational cycle for managers of Czech Catholic Charity (1999)

    Other short term educational activities were designed and run for the following organizations:
    - Aperio
    - Athinganoi
    - Local Administration Institute
    - Spiralis
    - The British Council
    - Výbor dobré vůle - Nadace Olgy Havlové - The Good Will Committee Fund

    The Poryv members externally teach at Charles University - Pedagogical Faculty and Faculty of Humanities.



We have been facilitating the organizational development efforts in the following organizations:




We design and run the analyses concerning educational needs of employees of all types of organizations.
We assist in priority settings and action plan design.
We also run market research in the area of education.







Petr Vrzáček
e-mail: petr.vrzacek@seznam.cz

Office address:
Poryv, o.s.
Máchova 7
120 00 Praha 2 - Vinohrady
tel: 221 592 542
fax: 221 592 545

IČO: 265 495 57